I’m David Mieksztyn, and I’ve dedicated myself to researching the topic of distraction and how to improve my own journey regaining focus of what matters most in my life. I am focused on why it is we get distracted as humans from good, from truth, from what we are capable of. Once I started my journey of processing all the literature pouring out about how distracting our technologies and mediums are, I started to see I wasn’t solving my own problems. Many others were talking candidly about digital fasting, getting off social media websites, ditching the news for books, and attempting to reconnect with people in their lives, in real life.

My aim for this site is to help guide us out of the noise and into the stillness of the metaphorical wilderness, the Greek word ‘eremos,’ where we can engage in our life’s best work together. It’s not just about removal of the distraction, but also the addition of values found when we live an intentional, undistracted life.

Influential Authors

Cal Newport Digital Minimalism
John Mark ComerThe Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry
Ryan HolidayStillness Is The Key
Andy CrouchThe Life We’re Looking For
Jay KimAnalog Church

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