Pay Attention! Listen Up!

It’s quite something to get the whole world to focus on one thing. It’s really something to get one person to focus on one thing.

Lonely Life Learners

Knowing something about someone online is just like reading a book about them. But hearing their inflection in their tone, smelling the room you are both in, glancing out the window behind them and seeing the blazing setting sun, these items create a full experience attached to the knowledge you are gaining about them.

Minimize Input To Maximize Output

Clearly we need to have inputs in order to have outputs. But minimizing low quality and high frequency inputs fosters the necessary space to create, and create well.

Knowing Is Not Half The Battle: The G.I. Joe Fallacy

Ever find yourself with stacks on stacks of dream journals/goal setting apps/vision boards? How about half finished notebooks? Like stacks of them? I heard author Jon Acuff say this a few times. He has half filled notebooks of ideas instead of finishing one notebook. This wouldn’t be a problem if, say, he referred to them…

End Of The Day Letters

Think about this scenario. You get to the end of the day, and you open a handwritten letter a friend sent to you. And the letter contains nothing but dreadful news. Global and societal catastrophe. Pestilence, death, fear, political dysfunction, greed, corporate turmoil, and more. And imagine, this is a daily occurrence. Why on earth…


Given enough lag in keeping up, I sensed this blog might eventually turn into a journal of sorts. It’s what happens when I lose focus (ie, the overarching theme of this site!). But this post could serve as a bookmark of sorts. A moment captured to look back at as a pivot point. Because the…

YouTube Wormhole 1994 Edition: Conan and Famine

My memory couldn’t reconcile seeing Conan in 1994 doing his thing. I had to begin a backfilling process and connect some dots to get a new perspective of something familiar in a setting and time I’ve not seen before.


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