Building The Plane While Flying It (And Performing Surgery Mid Flight)

If I hear this phrase uttered one more time while it is accepted as a societal norm and fact of life everyone just has to deal with….

I digress. But the spirit of this title is what I present in this brief post.

The better analogy might be performing surgery on yourself.

The purpose of this website is to dive into the psychology of distraction and why there just seems to be so much of it anymore.

One of the stumbling blocks I am encountering is the sense of urgency I find within all the research I am conducting and reading regarding the overarching issue that we as a people are trading in high quality for low quality, slow cooked meals for fast food, long form for short form. And I sense I must match the societal pace in order to not just gain effectiveness but to help aid in the corrective surgeries so many of us also need.

This isn’t as much about speed of life as much as it is about quality and the destruction occurring to our communal psychology.

The burden I am bearing is, as I continue to get into deeper levels of analysis regarding what’s at stake, as I keep going on social media or read the news or watch YouTube videos, I am witness to all the destructive elements of every sound hypothesis I’m uncovering about the lost art of focusing on things which really truly matter over things which have the shiny gloss painted over piles of trash.

The burden is I am still much in the process of the corrective surgery myself. And I am performing the surgery on myself. But it really is the surgery which is needed and no one else is going to perform it on me.

I’ll jump start this more in posts to come, but for now, it is suffice to say as the events of 2020 unfold I continue digging in and asking why they are unfolding the way they are in light of my digital remission journey started years prior.

Why it is people are becoming increasingly outraged. Why smart people are doing and saying dumb things (me included). Why people are giving up.

I want to get the surgery done as fast as possible. But after the surgery, one must take time to heal as well.

Published by David Mieksztyn

I am a writer passing along what I've learned.

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